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HelpX and volunteering abroad.

HelpX is one of dozens of programs available on the internet to volunteer domestic or internationally, picking which volunteer program to use can be a daunting task. Given all the options out there though I have always preferred HelpX. This choice is not just economical, which is always a consideration when trying to travel on a low or no income budget, but based on a few key points. Many of the hosts on HelpX are re-listed, there is a huge range of projects available and it has a world full of choices.

Many hosts that are seeking volunteers take advantage of the number of platforms available on the internet. This makes perfect sense when trying to find a great volunteer that is a good fit not just for the work that needs be done but the living environment, not an easy task. I cannot count the number of hours I’ve spent checking through various host listings on various sites. Researching sometimes just out of curiosity of what is available and where, in doing this one of the things I’ve noticed is many times you’ll find a the same host listed on more than one site. HelpX seems to be an “industry” standard, of all the site crossover I’ve seen the greatest commonality in HelpX.

Volunteer sites in many cases are specialized. There are some sites that are concerned only with organic farming, house sitting or even sailing. These are great choices if you have a special interest in what they offer, there are hundreds of opportunities in these special interests. However, the variety of projects in HelpX is one of the largest available. Helpx is not specialized in any form and you will find a wide range of projects from restoring chateaux in France, making wine Italy or picking olives in Greece.

Another consideration is what geographic locations is a particular program limiting you too. Some programs will charge a fee based on every country you want apply to volunteer to work in. Again, this is a great option for volunteers interested in only a specific culture or geographic location but if you want a world full of choices then I would suggest HelpX. HelpX has volunteer positions around the world, maybe offering a chance to see a country you didn’t even know existed.

If you are thinking about volunteering domestically or internationally HelpX offers a great variety of hosts, work choices and geographic locations. Given the volunteer websites available, it should certainly be one you look into regardless of being the first time or an experienced volunteer worker.

I personally found volunteer work rewarding and a great way to immerse yourself in a foreign culture while filling a need for travel. If you have had similar experiences using HelpX, it would be great to hear about them. subscribe at the bottom of the homepage if you would like to read additional articles as they are published.

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