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The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye

The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye near the Black Cullins are an amazing sight. The River Brittle starts in the Black Cullin Mountains flowing towards Glenbrittle, it has several waterfalls and some of the most beautiful natural pools I have ever seen. While you can find some great information about the location and hike on Isleofsky.com there are a few [...]

Finding a low cost flight domestically or internationally.

The greatest expense in any trip is the cost of getting there and a lot of advice available on finding low cost flights domestically or internationally. There are dozens of websites and applications, hundreds of travel agents and airlines to help you go about it. I truly believe that none of them are wrong per say, I can only advise you on how I [...]

Side jobs and ideas to earn additional income.

Side jobs and ideas to earn additional income on Entrepreneur.com by Robert Adams, I came across this article with a list of 50 of them a few weeks ago and found that while many of the options presented didn't apply to myself, that doesn't mean it can be of no use to you. While I certainly agreed with a statement or two, such as: [...]

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Host selection in HelpX and questions you should have.

Host selection with HelpX is perhaps one of the most varied among the volunteer programs available. HelpX is also the only volunteer site on the internet I know of that there is no supervision or oversight. What these means to you my intrepid rambler is that however things work out, good or bad, it's completely on you and what you ask. Your entire experience [...]

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HelpX and volunteering abroad.

HelpX is one of dozens of programs available on the internet to volunteer domestic or internationally, picking which volunteer program to use can be a daunting task. Given all the options out there though I have always preferred HelpX. This choice is not just economical, which is always a consideration when trying to travel on a low or no income budget, but [...]

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A few ways of controlling natural light in photography.

It seems we're always waiting for that perfect moment. What defines moment though, what element are we waiting on with our finger paused over the shutter release and our breath held? For myself it always seems to be the lighting, sometimes returning to a shot location several times for that moment. Natural light is that one aspect that no amount of post [...]

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