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Who we are?

About us? Well, launched in 2017 as a personal blog for the open discussion of low budget / no income travel, volunteer work both international and domestic, photography and as a photographic portfolio. This intention to share personal experience and knowledge to the benefit of anyone it may inspire and also learn from other’s experiences should they wish to share. If you happen to enjoy photography of amazing landscapes, enjoy flying to places you’ve never been and living there for awhile while working with people from around the world or just taking a leap of faith and traveling without any real plan for as long as you can sustain it. I hope you follow along and even share some of your own experiences. Ramblerintrepid.com has been in inception for years, a project always started and never finished but I hope to share and inspire everyone to live their life.

While a machinist by trade and a Computer Information Systems / Telecommunications professional by education. Really I’m just like everyone else, trying to live life as best I can at that moment. A very rough time in my life led to my first international volunteering experience traveling from Paris, France through Italy to Monemvasia, Greece touring by bicycle performing volunteer work along the way. I’ve also lived in Gjirokaster, Albania for a few months while clearing some Schengen passport issues and lived in Greece where a big piece of my heart will always be. My experiences are limited compared to many but they are treasured and while there are many bloggers and travelers whom have done much more much better, I hope you find some value in my writings and photographs.

So, take a look around. Read a few articles and if you have something to contribute please do, I would love to hear from you about it and learn from your experiences. I would really like to have a interactive experience with my followers as we all have things to learn from each-other. Share a photograph or ten (please) if you happen to find something beautiful in it or better yet, browse around on many of the stock image sites and help feed a starving photographer by buying one (or more). Feel free to subscribe, comment and follow along, sharing our lives and learning.

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