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Finding a low cost flight domestically or internationally.

The greatest expense in any trip is the cost of getting there and a lot of advice available on finding low cost flights domestically or internationally. There are dozens of websites and applications, hundreds of travel agents and airlines to help you go about it. I truly believe that none of them are wrong per say, I can only advise you on how I find mine. There are three important points in finding a cheap flight and they are; planning, pricing and flexibility.

The first thing we need to consider when finding a low cost flight domestically or internationally for a destination that we have in mind is the planning. Personally, I’m very partial to starting my planning using Google Flights or Skyscanner when I’m interested in traveling. The reason I start with Google Flights and Skyscanner is the calendar function, this is a great option allowing you to see the peaks and valleys of a  destinations cost over the next few months. Of course, as mentioned this is only planning so don’t click on that purchase link yet.

The second we need to look at is pricing and flexibility but let me clarify what I mean by flexibility first, are you willing to layover for a day if needed? If not you really wanted to consider the value of paying extra for a shorter flight. Personally, having slept in more than one airport before when a few hundred dollars was on the line was well worth it. When it comes to actually purchasing a flight I always use a flight price scanner to do my cost comparisons, a personal preference on flight comparisons is either cheaptickets and momondo. This isn’t to say that Google Flights or Skyscanner do not offer a good price but you can save sometimes a few hundred dollars by just taking some extra time and research when finding a low cost flight domestically or internationally.

Finding a low cost flight domestically or internationally does not have to be a challenge the only real challenge in it finding the room to pack what you want to bring on your next vacation or holiday. Finding the best price is actually pretty easy following a few basic steps when planning, and pricing your tickets

Once infected by wanderlust and a love of travel the only limits on your destinations tends to be your budget . If you have found any additional tricks or tips to share on finding low cost flights, it would be great to hear about them. Of course if you found this article usefull please subscribe at the bottom of the homepage and read additional articles as they are published.

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